Turkey Camp …and other turkey hunting stories


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If you’re a turkey hunter you’ll love reading this collection of stories by veteran outdoor writer Mark Strand. A dozen chapters, each with its own creative storyline and artful images, celebrate why we go turkey hunting.

“Two thumbs up and two paws up.”
“It’s a great read. Mark takes the reader there with him. I could see everything he talked about. I started reading it just to check it out, but then I just had to read the whole thing. Best camping info I’ve ever read, and P.S., I love pancakes.”
– Ray Eye and Peanut

“His knowledge and love of being out there adds immeasurably to the book. Well worth reading and enjoyable throughout. A great adventure.”
– Jill Easton, freelance outdoor writer

“I found myself belly laughing at Strand’s anecdotes and miscues, and just a few pages later, a lump formed in my throat as he shared the final days and last hunt with his father. This book should come with a warning. Caution: will cause sleepless nights and an incurable urge to think about turkey hunting all year long.”
– Steve Felgenhauer, freelance outdoor writer

Turkey Camp
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