Writing Course

Emerging Outdoor Voices writing course

Emerging Outdoor Voices Writing Course

One-on-one, custom writing lessons that make the most of your talents

Do you want to be an outdoor writer?
Are you already an outdoor writer, and want to be a better writer?
Do you want people to feel something when they read words that you wrote?
Is there a writer’s voice inside of you?
Do you want to excel in today’s ever-changing media landscape?
If so, go where your writing can become as grand as the subjects and landscapes you describe. Learn, in detail, how to find a way to work that frees your mind, and how to bring out your signature voice.

If you write something, will anyone be moved to read it?
If they read it, will they want you to write more?
When you’re ready to find out, ready to take it seriously, come to the intersection of talent, theory, practice, and your potential. Put your trust in Mark Strand’s Emerging Outdoor Voices Writing Course.
We teach the technical aspects and business side, but the focus is on the quality of your writing. Develop that, and everything else can be laid in place.

Enroll today for just $949, and get started right away.

Coming soon:
* Still photography
* Outdoor video production

What do you Get?
Above all else, you will emerge from this course with the tools to develop your distinct writing voice. This is the essence of what it takes to be a professional, published writer, to create words that help readers feel like they are right there, to help them see what you are describing. How you ultimately use your voice will evolve over time, but you will be well equipped to make the most of your talents.
You will learn to think of yourself as a writer, to think like a writer, to be a writer.

The specifics:
* Welcome Survey, where you describe your writing background and goals.
* Introductory one-on-one phone conference, where we get the process rolling and you begin to learn what it takes to be a writer.
* Course materials, outlining each area of study, loaded with tips that will help you through the process of becoming a writer. Sections include:
– Finding your best way to work
– innovative exercises that draw your voice to the surface
– Functioning as a writer: refining things
– How to use the rhythm of the words
– Accuracy in language
– Editing (polishing) your own work
– How to come up with good ideas
– How to interview people and really draw them out
– Ghost writing (if you’re interested)
– The business side of freelance writing (getting published, running a business)
* Up to six writing assignments, customized to your chosen areas of emphasis, which will be evaluated, in depth, honestly and thoughtfully. When these manuscripts are ready, they can be offered to publishers, becoming the beginnings of your body of work.
* Two additional one-on-one phone conferences, up to two hours each time, where we go over your questions and work to refine your writing voice.

Customized Course
Because your talents and desires are unique, no two students will take the same course. The course molds itself to you!

The Plan
* You have up to a year to complete the course, but can probably finish in about three months with steady progress. At that point, you should be ready to pursue outdoor writing on a part-time or fulltime basis.

Enroll today for just $949, and get started right away.

Payment Options
Course payment is made through PayPal, in the MSO Store, or by personal check.

Email strandoutdoors@mac.com with any questions, or to arrange mailing a check.
We look forward to working with you, and your emerging voice!

Coming soon:
* Still photography
* Outdoor video production

Who is this Guy?
If there’s a way to make money from outdoor writing, Mark Strand has done it. A freelance outdoor writer since 1977, he has sold articles to darn near every outdoor magazine at one time or another, and has written or co-written 11 books including his most recent works, “Paint the Next Sunrise: A Future for Hunting and Fishing,” and “Turkey Camp and other turkey hunting stories,” his first work published as an e-book.

He has a journalism degree from the University of Minnesota, where he worked as a reporter and editor for the Minnesota Daily newspaper. He has extensive experience and training in newspaper, magazine, radio, television, video production, corporate communications, and public relations. He has been a staff member of several newspapers; a researcher/writer for the Hunting & Fishing Library book series; a writer/photographer for Babe Winkelman Productions, where he also wrote television and video scripts and assisted in their production.

Over the course of his career, Mark has amassed thousands of freelance magazine credits; developed, produced and hosted two nationally-syndicated radio programs; and has written, produced and voiced many video projects. He has experience in corporate communications and public relations with Control Data, a Fortune 500 company, a professional background he brings to this work in his freelance business. He has written speeches, handled media relations, and conducted marketing communications campaigns for both private enterprise and nonprofit organizations. He has studied with superb writers at numerous workshops and other classes, including a personal friendship with the great novelist Jon Hassler, who taught him priceless lessons along the way.

In addition to all these types of writing, Strand is known for his ghost writing ability, having written books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, and more for numerous clients. Ghost writing is an art, something valuable to have in your box of writing tools. You’ll be in good hands if you want to learn this creative craft.

As the tide of technology has brought challenges and opportunities, Mark has kept on the cutting edge of the writing profession. He has been designing editorial plans for web sites for years, along the way contributing content, including multimedia content, in the online environment.

All of this, however, is just a resume. What makes his course effective is that he genuinely loves helping others develop their signature voices and writing abilities. And he’s good at it. In this case, the instructor is someone who’s out there doing it, every day, in addition to teaching it.

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